Thursday, July 28, 2005

The forced internet fast.

So I had a rough week early July. Sun July 10th was the cake topper. My hard drive died. Finit! With that I dissappear from the internet and loose my CD player in one final swoop. Now here I am weeks later, Back online and valuing such things as map quest, and wireless internet much more than before.

Mexico! Looking forward to manual labor in the hot hot sun. I'm gonna drink lots of fluids and weld a hammer.

Yep headed there in a little over a week. 6 adults 28 senoir high students, two houses, 8 days. Priceless.

Friday, July 8, 2005

Feet O'Mine

Fill me Lord
Send me on my way
May I live for you
May you light my way

Guide me Lord
That paths may be right
Following you
Not straying left nor right

Lead me Lord
Through the roads I will go
Filled with you
Sharing the truth as I go.



Lately, I've had little that was bloggable. In fact, other that rant worthy events, my life has held no fascinating anecdotes. So, true to my new rantless goal, I have remained silent. Today however, I was reading haikus and came across one that struck deep down to my soul's strings. Being from Western Washington I miss my mountain, Mt. Rainier was an ever present part of the southeastern Sky. Clear days are proclaimed by stating, "the mountain is out today." Locals need not name our infamous friend. Even on cloudy days, which we have a lot of, we know the mountain remains to the Southeast, and will maybe peak through.

Locals where I now live judge clear days by a variety of things whether one can see the mountain (which is really a large hill), the bridge (one of them anyway), or the city (which isn't always visible due to it's own fog even on clear days in my area). It's not the same, but at least the views are beautiful and the sky is frequently blue.

Anyways the Haiku is by Bashu and translates as:

Misty rain
can't see Fuji

I imagine Fuji, the mountain, is used as a clear day reference in Japan. Now as I dwell in Marin and can see the city and the bridge, though not the mountain, I continue to enjoy Bashu and blue skies.

green is the grass
Birds playing joyfully
canvas of blue.

That's my own poem. And I know it's not strictly a Haiku.