Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The art of slowing

Ortberg says Love and hurrying are mutually incompatible. That hurry can destroy us. So, it seems the thing to do is enter into a practice of waiting patiently and doing, or better yet, being slowly. My pace and list fight against this, but oh the hope.

Yet, how indeed can I just cut things and tasks from my list without retribution? How does one truly go about prioritizing and deleting those things deemed less worthy of my time. Do less. Any yet practice a little solitude and the

I feel

It's critical for my soul, for shalom, for future, and for joy. To pause long enough to feel the rthymn of the world, which moves at the pace it moves before humanity attempted its jet paced life, breaking the speed of sound, and creating instant worldwide communication.
Leave behind. I see how it begins now.
Drive in the slow line, get in the long line, smile at the cute kid, watch the sun set.
Take the time
to smell


Sunday, November 27, 2005

My parents were visiting and I took them to Muir woods. And oh the beauty God has given us. He didn't create on all purpose plant, He created millions of species for us to enjoy. He loves us so much. So here's some of that beauty. The earth displays His majesty for all to see.