Saturday, September 16, 2006

January? Really?

School has started and I'm knee deep in Hebrew. I love studying languages, however this one is definately most challenging. I visited my blog last week and though , "January? really?" So here I am again after an increbibly long hiatus. I'm not going to pledge consististency or play catch up. Lots has happened, but It would take hours to weave into a blog.

So, this week I spent time with an old friend, and the reunion was amazing and revitalizing. It gave me a glimpse of after grad school. Yes there is life after school. I also took my first Hebrew quiz, and now pray that they are all as successful. Today I am now resting. I started the day with pancakes and fresh raspberry syrup and of course a nice cup of coffee. The sky is blue, I've no urgent deadlines today and time to ponder.

I've been reading a lot of documents from the history of the church, which is on the one hand a requirement for class and on the other hand an enjoyment that I'm actually getting class credit for. Ah to sit and read Augustine and not feel as though I'm neglecting studies.

And now I'm off to read a little history and run through Hebrew flash cards.

~The pondering student.