Sunday, October 23, 2005


Okay so this is the coolest thing I saw online Sunday.
San Francisco in Jello I think firstly, she had way too much time on her hands and secondly, it brings a whole new area of jello projects to my brain.

Happy day.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Porcupine Ponderings

Been reading a bit of John Ortberg lately and writing lots. He wrote on community and accepting people for who they are, where they are. Open arms and no hidden agendas, no walls. Frost's writes, "Good fences make good neighbours," Tom Jones, writes "There must always be a wall." Song after song cry out for someone anyone to fill some space, yet we push away from intimacy. Ortberg tells a story about porcupine love.

dancing together
loving the other
fragility entranced
intimacy unmatched

I get it. I most certainly have the head knowledge to see the parallels aligned the human predicament. Yet I wonder, how much to risk in relationship.

But is there more to gain
Love never lies, love never leaves
Yes there is more to gain
When you don't know where to begin
And love is there in the end

Yes in the end, it is the relationships,
the love from people that matter,
that's what matters.
So then, what is the matter
Why can't we see

We hesitate to engage, to invest, to risk, when there is nothing more desperately needed than the mutual acceptance another human can provide. We fail to adequately prioritize relationships when they are the essential foundation of human health.

invest in the people
step o'er the line
I'll say it again
you'll do just fine
Don't wait too late
'Til you're in the pine

Sunday, October 9, 2005

I was tagged.

Okay Kim this blogs for you. ninjanun

10 years ago: 1995 Second semester of college. Not too interesting. Wrote a 10 page paper on the justifications of William the conqueror conquering England. I love English History.

5 years ago:2000 hmm... I think I was teaching 7th and 8th grade math and science, but it might have been 6th grade this year. Some of it blends together. Either way, I came to enjoy parts of math. I loved teaching science.

1 year ago: Same school, same room, different classes, different roommate. Actually this time last year I was knee deep in mid-terms and doing to much while sleeping too little. I was overstressed and and am glad I have since simplified even if I haven't slowed down.

Yesterday: 2nd Saturday art group day. I love being immersed in a group of artists who are supportive and genuine. Then I worked at the Bucks and had a rather enjoyable, though extremely long shift.

5 snacks I enjoy: Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate, Fresh raspberries, Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies, Edamame.

5 songs I know all the words to: Probably no songs. I'm terrible with words. But nearly all the words well...Where you Lead- Carol King, The Love of God- From Here to There, One girl Revolution- Superchick, Mood Rings- Reliant K, Come, The Heart of Worship

5 things I do with 100 million dollars: Pay every debt I owe, buy a decent car, give money to my church and school(maybe they could repair our dorm roof), pay off my brother and parent's houses, invest wisely.

5 places I'd run away to: England, LA, France, South Africa, India

5 things I'd never wear: indecent clothing intentionally, shoes too small for my feet, rabbit fur sweater (allergic to rabbit), binding clothing, red turtlenecks.

5 favorite TV shows: Boy Meets World, Stargate SG-1, Gilmore Girls, Seeing that I rarely even watch these three anymore I really can't think of two more. I just have little TV time.

5 favorite toys: Computer, Tennis Racket, Paints, Camera, Cardstock.

Okay Kim I've done it. This took 40 minutes. I'm not passing it on.