Friday, February 25, 2005

"Words, words; they're all we have to go on"

I love words. Language play intrigues me. That probably explains a lot about me. This week as I was reading various internet sites I found a quote from Stanley Fish that I had to save. It left an impression. I have a quote collection that ranges from Six Pence None the Richer lyrics to Heidegger and so much in between. So, of course I added Stanley to my list. And here is what Mr. Fish said.

"Words are not just the cosmetic clothing of some underlying integrity; they are the operational vehicles of that integrity, the visible manifestation of the character to which others respond."

So, makes you think, yes? Some say actions speak louder than words and I don't disagree, however, words still speak rather loud themselves. If you listen to someone talk, you can find out quite a bit out about their character. People's words often reveal truths they have no idea they are sharing. Think about that next time you meet new people. What are their words telling you, or even more frightening, what are your words telling them?

Ah, the power of the word.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Apologies Accepted

Have you ever noticed how much easier they are to accept than offer? Sometimes if I would just not open my mouth I could save myself a great deal of anguish. Sometimes if I would think and then speak rather than saying the first thing that jumps into my mind I would reduce my problems. And, sometimes I just need to be less mean. The other day I had to apologize for neglecting a good friend. I began to realize since the semester had started it had been me taking and not giving at all. Then I had to apologize for my sardonic attitude to another person. I don't mean to be hurtful, I just don't always think through to the consequences of my words. Then I had to apologize to a co-worker for rudeness. It wasn't so much that I was trying to be rude, but my tone and attitude certainly were not displaying positive vibes.
Granted all three persons accepted my apologies. However, I think I will seriously try and curb my sardonic approach to life. It is definitely not making my life simple, nor is it necessary for having fun.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Idiots in all forms

1. So I saw "Waiting for Godot" by Beckett on Friday, and wished I 'd saved my money. Why must people try and add so much to Beckett. He is minimalists and of the absurd genre. It's not supposed to be slap-stick, it's not supposed to have an easy to follow traditional plot. If you want that kind of a play don't do Beckett. Do "Oklahoma" or "Our Town." Just please don't destroy Beckett. As Napoleon Dynamite would say "Idiot"

2. People who insist on being wrong crack me up. Okay actually they frustrate me. A lady came into work today to pick up an order she had placed yesterday. We had no record of her order and tried to ask if maybe she had the wrong location. Oh no, she was sure she had the right store. We went ahead and began to prepare her order which was now already 20 minutes late while she continued to torture us with her condescension and verbally abused both our manager and the employee who helped carry out the order to her car, which by the way is an extra step we don't normally do. She was so sure she had the right store, and complained even after she was in her car. So, after she left we finally got ahold of another location and yes she was at the wrong store. In fact the other store was a bit upset, and rightly so, that the order they put together would now go to waste. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "Idiot"

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Beckett and an evening on the town

Do Lobsters Dream?

If you have not seen The Bald Soprano, you have truely missed an awesome play. I laughed so hard, I nearly cried, and yet it was absurd, as Ionesco is. It was followed by Beckett, a true master of the word, and I have to admit, I now like more than Sartre. Sure I do enjoy a Dancing at Lughnasa or Fantastiks, but theatre of the Absurd will always win out when given a choice. Combine that with an evening of searching used book stores for gems, and I am indeed a happy person. This is me, still happy 24 hours later. After was is currently the best evening of 2005.

"If you take a circle, and you caress it, it will become viscious"- Mr. Smith in The Bald Soprano.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Do Lobsters Dream?

Do Lobsters Dream?

Light shed on Lobsters...
Barbara Kingsolver, one of the authors I forced to read in college, and actually enjoyed has a book called Animal Dreams. It is one of the best contemporary novels I've read. Yes that would be a subjective statement, but then I've yet to find an objective blog. Back to Kingsolver...
In her book " All mammals that have been tested to have REM sleep, except spiny Anteaters." Poor anteaters. Were they dreamless that night, or do they really have no dreams, but I digress. After the ensuing discussion in the text, the other character says, "If you want sweet dreams, you have to live a sweet life." Ah to have a life worth dreaming about, now that is indeed a life worth living.
As for my lobster, well no dreams. At least I don't think so. However according to Phoebe on Friends, they do mate for life. Ergo, I am looking for my lobster, and not the red stuffed one my friend jokes with me about.
So there you have it, insight into my Blog's title, and there you are.
Until next time the blogging mood strikes.