Thursday, January 27, 2005

Latin Et Al

I love language. I'm currently learning Latin in my spare time. It's more rewarding than random TV shows and more fun than my Theology text. Learning Latin is an unusual thing for the average 20 something master's student to do in their spare time. I admit this, and yet I choose to spend my spare time engulfed in Latin declensions and verb tenses. Once started, it has become a joy to peruse the Latin Vulgate and actually understand bits and pieces of the text. Indeed, I've never wanted to be normal. Nevertheless, I find myself explaining time again why Latin, so for all those who have yet to ask, but are dying to know. I first have to ask you why do your hobbies? Right, because you like them. Me too. Oh, and my English vocabulary is improved. Carpe Diem.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Cell Phones

So, these modern conviences we call cell phones are quite handy. But at times I find them quite annoying. I wouldn't give mine up, but I do wish there was some sort of ettiquette rules followed. Seriously there are great times to use a cell, but not every time is a great time.

Great times to use them.
1. When I need a friend to rescue me
2.When I have question that can't wait til I see the person again
3. To use Free Long distance or Family Plan minutes
4. When you are alone

Not so Great times to use them
1. While ordering coffee
2. While eating dinner with fother people
3. When it's your turn in a line
4. In the middle of a movie, or concert

Monday, January 17, 2005


The Sky is grey this morning. Even more so, the air is grey. Even the trees look a bit grey. I love the foggy mornings, where the world is hidden from my view. No highway, no large condominuims, no clutter, just trees and greyness. It seems quieter on these mornings. As I sip my morning coffee, I am thankful for foggy days and hidden highways.