Friday, April 8, 2005

Papacy Funeral, historic, but not exciting at 2 am...

So here I was at 2 am in the morning one hour into the longest funeral I have ever witnessed and I begin to feel real sorry for all the dignitaries who were sitting in the Vatican April heat. They looked a bit warm in their suits and formal wear. Now, the pageantry was an interesting aspect, the simplicity of the coffin, was surprising, and the amazing amount of world leaders from around the globe crossing ethnicities and religions, was a statement of the former pope's world influence. The event was historic, but after an hour of listening to people I did not know speak languages I did not understand, I decided my bed looked better than finishing the funeral. So, I doubt I will forget this late hour event as George W sat by Iranian and Syrian leaders, and leaders paid their respects to the man from humble Polish roots, who changed much of the face of the Catholic Church. However, I think I will tape the next papacy funeral rather than try and watch it in the middle of the night.

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